Residential Heat Pump / Air Conditioning Services from Fujitsu

At Fujitsu General, we are proud to connect our customers with the best residential heat pump / air conditioning units to suit their needs. However, our level of customer service doesn't stop there.

Instead, we strive to offer an end-to-end service, giving you the full support you need to get the best from your system. Take a look at what we can offer.

To ensure your heat pump / air conditioner continues to efficiently heat and or cool your room, it’s highly recommended that you maintain your system regularly by keeping the filters clean and get your heat pump / air conditioning system periodically serviced by a licensed technician. There are a number of reasons why you may require maintenance of your heat pump / air conditioner, such as:

  • Ensuring filters are clean of dust and debris
  • Inspecting the drain to ensure no blockages or dirt build up
  • Inspecting cleaning of the outdoor unit and coils to ensure no restrictions to airflow
  • Inspecting the unit to ensure there are no abnormal noises
  • Checking the operation to ensure the unit is operating efficiently


Residential Heat Pumps / Air Conditioners Frequently Asked Questions