Protecting the global environment is vitally important to us at Fujitsu. We aspire to support the development of a sustainable society; one where future generations are afforded the same prosperity.

As well as adhering to all environmental regulations in our business operations, we actively pursue environmental protection activities. Through these individual and collective actions, we strive to safeguard the world’s rich and plentiful natural environment.


  • We help our customers use energy more efficiently and lighten their environmental footprint through advanced product technology.
  • We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle.
  • We’re committed to conserving energy and natural resources, reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible to create eco-friendly products.
  • We seek to lessen the risks to human health and the environment through the use of chemical substances and waste.
  • We share with our customers how our business activities, products and services could affect the environment, and use any feedback to further improve our environmental initiatives and programs.
  • We encourage our teams to work on conservation projects such as tackling climate change and the preservation of biodiversity through their business and civic activities.