Humidity plays a big part in New Zealand's climate and is often a factor in effecting our comfort levels at home. Fortunately, your heat pump / air conditioner can do more than just keep indoor spaces cool. It can also be used to help manager indoor moisture levels and reduce the impact of humidity with the help of dry mode.


What is dry mode?

Fujitsu General heat pumps / air conditioning units offer a 'dry mode' function, where the fan operates at a low speed, drawing air through the unit to remove moisture from the room. Dry mode is ideal for days when the weather is humid, yet the temperature is too cool to use cooling mode.


Benefits of dry mode:

There are three benefits to using dry mode that make it a vital setting for your heat pump / air conditioning unit:

  • Energy Efficiency: When using dry mode, your heat pump / air conditioner's compressor runs at a slower pace, so less energy is required.
  • Improves Comfort: By lowering humidity levels and drawing out excess moisture from the home, dry mode allows you to create more comfortable spaces and minimise the fatigue and sweatiness often associated with a humid environment. 
  • Healthy Indoor Environment: Humidity generates excessive moisture, which can affect the air quality through the growth of mould and mildew. Reducing humidity through the use of dry mode can help maintain a healthy indoor environment.

When is the best time to use dry mode:

  • The best time to use the dry mode feature to ventilate the house is when it's raining or is about to rain, and the house feels 'sticky', that is when humidity is high yet it's not too warm.

How to locate the dry mode button:

  • On your remote, locate the 'mode' button and press until 'dry' appears on the display.

To learn how to optimise the use of your heat pump / air conditioner's dry mode setting, you can find your unit's product operating manual at

For more information on Fujitsu General's heat pump / air conditioning systems, explore our residential range and use the interactive Fujitsu Assist Tool to find out what system might best suit your needs. You can also contact Fujitsu General Assist on 04 568 8761 to speak to a member of our friendly customer service team.