With so many different types of heat pump / air conditioning systems on the market, choosing the right one for your home can be overwhelming. To make the process less complicated, we recommend you start by speaking with a heat pump / air conditioning specialist. This will help you to better understand the variables that can impact the selection and can guide you to the most efficient solution for your home.

Selecting the correct system really depends on the existing infrastructure of your home, as well as your lifestyle and comfort needs. The three main points to consider when starting your search for heat pump / air conditioning is your budget, the number and size of rooms to be air conditioned, and the construction and design of your home.

As New Zealand’s Favourite Air® and one of the most trusted heat pump brands, we understand that the decision-making process needs to be simple. To help you gain an initial understanding of what options of heat pump / air conditioning solutions are available before you speak to a specialist, we’ve prepared an overview of the most popular systems, so you can shop confidently:

Wall mounted split systems

Wall mounted split systems are the most popular type of heat pump / air conditioner and can efficiently cool or heat a single room or area such as a bedroom or living area. These units are stylish, efficient and easy to use with numerous features to tailor your comfort needs. A range of Fujitsu General wall mounted reverse cycle system is available to suit almost any room. This reverse cycle system can switch between heating and cooling mode, providing comfort all year round.

Fujitsu General’s newest KMTC Lifestyle range features a matte finish and smooth-edged design to create a modern aesthetic to suit contemporary homes. Designed to be less obtrusive and integrate seamlessly with the room’s interior, the new ASTG18/22/24KMTC models within the range are also slimmer than the previous Lifestyle units. For a more premium look, the Fujitsu General Designer range blends effortlessly with interiors with its slimline design, providing a subtle, yet sleek finish to any home.

Wall mounted split systems are most suited to studios or apartments with minimal rooms.

Under ceiling or floor consoles

Under ceiling or floor consoles are also split systems, however unlike wall mounted heat pumps / air conditioners, these are placed either on the ceiling or floor. Like the wall mounted systems, these are suitable for single room air conditioning, and homes with limited space within the ceiling cavities. These units are an ideal alternative if you have limited wall space available for a traditional wall mounted unit.

Multi systems

A multi system is an ideal heat pump / air conditioning solution when individual units are required in more than one room and when a tradition ducted system may not be suitable.

Multi systems can cool or heat multiple rooms using just the one compact outdoor unit. Each indoor unit can be individually controlled to suit the comfort requirements of that specific space. Up to six indoor units of a range of styles can be connected to the one outdoor unit. This type of system is ideal when roof space doesn’t allow for a full ducted heat pump / air conditioning solution.

A multi system offers flexibility for modern home interiors, with a range of indoor units to choose from to blend into the surrounding design, while the outdoor unit doesn’t impact on outdoor space. Fujitsu General has a wide variety of indoor units to choose from to ensure there is a solution to match the requirements of almost every home, including wall mounted, floor / ceiling consoles, cassette and slim duct units.

Wall mounted units provide a sleek and modern feel, while cassette heat pump / air conditioning units are extremely discreet, with a non-intrusive grille design that sits flush with the ceiling. Cassette indoor units distribute air throughout the space in multiple directions, providing even temperature distribution and all-round comfort. With a removable intake grille, the cassette range can be kept clean and maintained easily, while louvres can be wiped down to remove any dust for a cleaner air flow.

Slim duct indoor units provide a barely there finish, mounted neatly into the ceiling or wall.

Ducted systems

Ducted heat pump / air conditioning allows you to control multiple rooms or the entire home using one system. A ducted system offers a whole home solution and is ideal for new or existing homes. It is also perfect for new home builds or renovations as it can be installed easily during the construction process.

Ducted systems heat or cool the home using discreet grills in the ceiling. The indoor unit is concealed in your roof, offering quiet operation and conditioned air is circulated via a network of ducts in your ceiling or floor cavity, with outlets in as many or a few rooms as you wish. For efficient operation, a ducted heat pump / air conditioning system can be set-up in zones - this means each zone can be switched on or off as required. This feature allows users to easily manage the air flow to different areas of the home to maximise comfort and minimise energy wastage. For example, the heat pump / air conditioning can be on in the living areas during the day, and in the bedrooms during the night. This flexibility makes the system efficient and effective.

Getting the most out of your heat pump / air conditioner, and making sure it’s working at its most efficient, means finding a unit that matches the unique needs of your home and lifestyle. The Fujitsu Assist tool can assist as a guide to help find the most appropriate Fujitsu General heat pump / air conditioning system to suit your requirements. The tool is available via the Fujitsu General website. Simply enter basic details such as room measurements, insulation and the direction windows face, to find the best unit for your home.