We're curious: How often for you clean your vacuum filter?

The reason we ask is that vacuum cleaners can serve as a great reminder when it  comes to cleaning the filters located in your heat pump.  When you notice a decrease in suction while vacuuming, it’s an obvious signal that the  filters/appliance needs to be checked, cleaned, and requires your attention.  Once the filters are cleaned, it's incredible how much of a difference it can make in  suction power and overall performance, restoring the vacuum to work more efficiently  and effectively again.

A heat pump, on the other hand, blends into the wall and tends to go unnoticed and  forgotten; it’s not as obvious that the health of your heat pump may be declining without  the filter being cleaned.

It’s only when problems start to form that we think about the last time we cleaned the  filters, instead of every month as we should.  But don’t worry, as Fujitsu has a great trick to help you remember.

Next time you feel like the suction on your vacuum is not as strong as it should be, associate this also with your heat pump.  Linking the maintenance of the vacuum filter with that of the heat pump filter is a clever

way to make sure both tasks stay on your radar.

Plus, it's a great way to tackle two chores at once and keep both your floors and indoor air quality in tip-top shape.  But do you want to know the best part? You can use your now efficient vacuum to clean your heat pump filter. It’s as easy as   that.

Now your heat pump filters can be remembered, and your vacuum is back to full strength, before bigger problems start to form. 

All that matters now is how often you vacuum…