Almost all modern heat pumps / air conditioners have a range of control functions that can help keep your home comfortable in easy and convenient ways. One of the most underrated features is the timer. Timer functions can make getting out of a cosy bed in winter much easier, as well as have the house cool and inviting after a long day at school or work in summer.

Fujitsu General’s range of heating and cooling systems have several convenient timer and scheduling functions that can help ensure your home is the perfect temperature all year round. Using timers to start the air conditioner outside of peak times, means the system uses less energy to reach the set temperature and can help you manage energy costs.

Timer Mode

The timer allows you to set your unit to turn on at a specific time within a 24-hour period. Whether that’s before you get home from school or work, or before you wake in the morning, this ‘set and forget’ function helps create a comfortable environment when it’s needed most.  

Program timer

The program timer allows you to integrate OFF timer and ON timer operations in a single sequence. One example of program timer use might be to have the air conditioner automatically stop after you go to sleep, then automatically switch on in the morning before you wake.

Sleep Timer

Using sleep mode provides comfort throughout the night, and also peace of mind knowing that the system will function optimally. To avoid getting too hot or cold during the night, the sleep timer function automatically modifies the thermostat setting in accordance with the set time. When heating, the thermostat setting is automatically lowered 1°C every thirty minutes. When the thermostat has been lowered a total of 4°C, the thermostat setting at that time is maintained until the set time has elapsed, at which time the heat pump / air conditioner automatically turns off. The same occurs in cooling mode except the thermostat setting is automatically raised 1°C every sixty minutes until it has increased a total of 2°C.