Whether in the home or at the workplace, heat pump / air conditioning is essential to creating a comfortable environment all year round. There are a range of heat pump / air conditioners to choose from and different types suit certain environments better than others. A floor console might be the ideal solution for your needs. The following points will help you understand if a floor console is the right option for you.

Positioning and placement

Floor consoles and dual consoles are split systems however, unlike wall mounted heat pump / air conditioners, the dual console can be installed on the floor or under the ceiling. Floor consoles are an ideal alternative for homes that don’t have wall space available for a traditional wall mounted heat pump / air conditioners.


A floor console is ideal for those with limited movement or mobility, as it makes access for cleaning and maintenance easy and safe.


A floor/ceiling mounted heat pump / air conditioner is often an affordable and highly effective solution. The Fujitsu General inverter floor/ceiling dual console features timers for set and forget operation, economy mode for power management and an automatic horizontal and vertical louvre for three-dimensional airflow to ensure air moves through the whole room.

Air-flow distribution

All models have Fan Operation modes which help circulate air to every corner of your space for maximum comfort. Ensure furniture items are not obstructing the unit so there is even distribution of the air throughout the room.