A ducted heat pump / air conditioning system provides a whole home comfort solution. Using a single system that is concealed in the ceiling, it’s a quiet, easy to operate and energy efficient method of heating or cooling multiple rooms, or the entire home, whilst using optional zone control.

While it is recommended that a service be conducted on your ducted system every year or two, depending on use, there are a few things you can do to maintain the health and hygiene of your ducted heat pump / air conditioner in between services, to help keep it operating at its best all year round.

Check the vents and filters

Depending on usage, cleaning the filters of dust and debris will help the system operate at its peak. As a rule of thumb, a clean at the start of the summer season, and again during winter, is ideal. The filters can be easily removed by undoing the hinged return air grille frame and sliding out the filter. Wash with warm, soapy water and allow to air dry before replacing the filter and repositioning the grille.

Repeat this process for all filters so that the air circulating throughout the entire system is unrestricted.

Don’t forget the outdoor unit

Throughout the year leaves, dirt and dust can accumulate on and around the outdoor unit. This should also be swept or wiped down to remove the debris, clear away leaf litter and brush off gathered dust. Any obstructions surrounding the outdoor unit may restrict airflow and cause the compressor to work harder.

Cleaning ductwork

While it’s ok for you to gently wipe dust off the duct work you can see just inside the grilles when you open them to remove the filters, this is mostly a job for the expert to include in their annual service appointment.

Having your ducted heat pump / air conditioning system professionally checked every year will help to minimise, or swiftly identify, major issues. A Fujitsu General Assist service member or Fujitsu General Accredited Installer can also advise you of any potential requirements that may be needed in the near future, such as spare parts.