Up to 50 per cent of household energy usage relates to indoor comfort – whether that’s being warm in winter or cool in summer[i].

Managing energy consumption can be simple, and for homes with an existing reverse cycle air conditioning system, the benefits of these quick tips will ensure heating your home can be as effective and efficient as possible this winter:

1. Clean or change the air filter and grills:  these cavities accumulate dust and debris throughout the year.

2. Have the system serviced by a licensed technician. Fujitsu General recommends a full service every two years.

3. Use timers: program the system to turn on at a low speed before waking and before returning home from work or school. This avoids operation at full power during peak times.

4. Manage temperature control: the ideal temperature range in winter is 21°C to 23°C. One degree of extra heat increases energy consumption by up to 10 per cent[ii].

5. Only heat the rooms being used: keep doors and windows closed and for homes with ducted air conditioning, use zone control features to close vents.

6. Take advantage of sensor controls: Fujitsu General’s Human Sensor Control feature reduces energy consumption by automatically switching to energy saving mode when no activity is detected in the room.

7. Seal draughts under doors with weather strips or door snakes.

8. Fill small gaps and cracks around windows with sealant.

9. Use rugs on non-carpeted areas of the home. This prevents a cold surface between the feet and the floor, and can be easily removed and stored away during the warmer months.

Fujitsu General has a wide range of reverse cycle air conditioners to meet the specific needs of every New Zealand home.