A heat pump / air conditioning system is an investment for the home and the family. Before making a purchase it’s important to understand the layout of your home, and research potential options that might suit your budget and your specific requirements. When visiting a heat pump / air conditioning specialist or retailer, we recommend asking these five questions to help you make a confident decision about the air conditioning system you purchase.

  1. What size heat pump / air conditioner do I need?

    There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when purchasing a new heat pump / air conditioner. All homes and families are different with unique needs and requirements. Before visiting a heat pump / air conditioning specialist or retailer, know the size of each room you would like to heat or cool. The size and number of the rooms will determine how powerful a heat pump / air conditioner needs to be to perform effectively in the space.

  2. What type of system should I buy?

    Once you have a good idea of the space you need to heat or cool you can decide on what system is best for your needs. There are several reasons why one type of heat pump / air conditioner may be better suited to your home. Smaller homes, town houses and units may best suit one or two split system units. For larger homes, if there are more than two rooms to heat or cool, a multi system might be best. If you are looking for a whole home comfort solution, and have sufficient ceiling space, a ducted heat pump / air conditioning system could be more suitable. A professional will give you guidance on what systems are suitable options for your needs. 

  3. What control options are available?

    How you would like to control your heat pump / air conditioning system is an important factor to consider as this can help make operation more convenient and provide consistent indoor comfort. With controller options ranging from traditional remote controls and simple wired controllers to more premium backlit wired remote controllers, there are controllers to suit almost every preference.

    Fujitsu General also offers a suite of Wi-Fi solutions with the anywAiR® technology range. The anywAiR technology Wi-Fi device offers users a Wi-Fi infrared solution to remotely control the indoor comfort of their home. The anywAiR technology Wi-Fi device is compatible with indoor units operating a wireless remote control with infrared technology. If you are looking for Wi-Fi control with your new ducted system, the anywAiR technology ducted controller provides Wi-Fi control for a selected range of Fujitsu ducted heat pump / air conditioning systems via a wall mounted touch pad, and the anywAiR app compatible with selected smartphone and tablet devices.

  4. How do I identify an energy efficient heat pump / air conditioner?

    Wall Mounted reverse cycle heat pump / air conditioners display a star rating for heating mode and cooling mode. Blue stars rate cooling efficiency and red stars assess heating. The better the star rating, the more energy efficient the unit performs. Fujitsu General’s lifestyle range of heat pump / air conditioners also feature a range of energy management features such as timer settings, Human Sensor Control, economy mode and demand response.

  5. How long is the warranty?
    Fujitsu General New Zealand provides a 6 year full parts and labour warranty for all domestic heat pump / air conditioning systems purchased from a Fujitsu Accredited Installer.