The Breakthrough in Heat Pumps - e3 series
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The e3 Design Series™ delivers the energy savings of the latest Heat Pump technology, along with a super compact, elegant design and many state-of-the-art features.

E3 Design

3.2kW of Heating


4.3kW of Heating


6.0kW of Heating

  • Fujitsu Heat Pump Catalogue
  • Slim and elegant design
    The slim and elegant design is realised by the heat exchanger and high efficiency wind blower.

    Human sensor, for more energy savings
    When movement is not detected the energy save mode activates, and the capacity is reduced until the sensor detects human movement again.

    Powerful operation
    20 minutes continuous operation by maximum airflow and maximum compressor speed is possible. Rapid cooling and heating makes the room comfortable quickly.

    Energy efficient
    The economy mode will limit energy consumption (up to 30% of normal mode). Maintaining a slightly higher temperature in Cool Mode and lower temperature in Heat Mode, as well as limiting maximum current.

    10°C Heat Operation
    This function ensures the room temperature does not drop below 10°C. NB. If the room temperature is above 10°C the function does not need to start

    Healthy air filters
    Fujitsu’s advanced filter systems contribute to a fresher, cleaner and healthier living environment.

    Better control
    This smart, very thin and easy-to-use remote has a large LCD display and a one-touch button.
    There are many new, unique features:

    Program timers
    The e3 Series gives you 7-day ‘set-and-forget’ control, if you wish.
    ON/OFF timer can be set four times per day, so you can set any program to suit your lifestyle.

    Powerful operation
    20 minutes continuous ‘extra power’ boost, to give you rapid heating or cooling whenever you want it.

    Low noise mode for outdoor unit
    The low noise button on the remote controller makes it easy to switch the outside unit to low noise.

    10°C HEAT operation
    The room temperature can be set to go no lower than 10C, thus ensuring that the room never gets too cold when not occupied

    Economy Operation
    This energy saving operation lowers power consumption by cutting the maximum current. It is selected with just one touch on your controller.

    Sleep timer
    The set temperature is gradually stepped down to match your body’s requirements as you fall asleep, and then is automatically and gradually stepped back up before waking.

    Super quiet
    ALL Fujitsu Hi-Wall models are equipped with 4 fan speeds including quiet fan mode, allowing some of the indoor units to operate as low as 21 or 22 decibels (that’s quieter than a human whisper). In addition to this, Fujitsu’s fan technology means that our models are quieter even when working their hardest to quickly heat or cool a room. The e3Series also incorporates quiet mode on the outdoor unit.

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