The KUCA model delivers the energy savings of the latest technology, along with a super compact, slim design and many state-of-the-art features.

E3 Design

3.2kW of Heating


4.3kW of Heating


6.0kW of Heating

  • Fujitsu Heat Pump Catalogue
  • Slim and elegant design
    The slim and elegant design is created by the leading-edge heat exchanger and high efficiency fan.


    Human Sensor, for more energy savings
    When movement is not detected the energy save mode activates, and the capacity is reduced until the sensor detects human movement again.

    Powerful operation
    20 minutes of continuous operation at maximum airflow and maximum compressor speed is possible. This rapid cooling and heating makes your room comfortable faster.

    Economy Mode
    The economy mode will limit energy consumption (up to 30% of normal mode). Maintaining a slightly higher temperature in Cool Mode and lower temperature in Heat Mode, as well as limiting maximum current.

    10˚C heat operation
    This function on the remote control will prevent the room temperature from falling below 10°C, so the room will never be too cold when you are away.