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Is pest and vermin damage covered by warranty?

Fujitsu General, like all companies, must limit its liability for external sources causing failures in our products. This includes installation issues, pests/vermin, power supply fluctuations, and corrosion. We do try to minimise the risk of vermin intrusion with the design of the unit. However, it is your installer's responsibility to seal any penetration for piping and electrical. All of our heat pumps / air conditioners go through rigorous testing procedures and comply with all relevant New Zealand Standards. As such, Fujitsu General believes our units are well tested, durable, fit for purpose, and not defective. The product is durable in its design allowing the equipment to stand up to reasonably varied New Zealand weather/climatic extremities. Fujitsu General cannot control the environment in which the heat pump / air conditioner is to be installed and depending on the local environmental factors, the installation may require additional protection or maintenance routine to assist in minimising the effect of external influences on the unit.

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