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What Size Heat Pump / Air Conditioner Do I Need For My House?


In order to best workout  the heat pump size for your house, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. Choosing a heat pump size that is too small means your house won’t be cooled or heated efficiently, while a unit that is larger than necessary will net you increased running costs and reduced efficiency. In this guide to choosing a heat pump size, Fujitsu General will detail the characteristics of your home that you will need to consider, and how to calculate the heat pump size required for your home.

What Size Heat Pump Do I Need in NZ?

The ideal heat pump sizing for your home will depend on the characteristics of your house and your comfort requirements for a heat pump / air conditioner. While factors such as the size and number of rooms you wish to heat or cool are important, other considerations include the construction of your home, the type of dwelling, insulation, windows, ceiling height and any energy-saving devices you already have installed.

What are the Main Factors to Consider?

  • Room size: The area of the home should be a primary factor when choosing a heat pump size. To measure the area, multiply the length and width of each room individually and add all those measurements together.

  • Number of rooms: Multiple rooms may require different units to produce the level of cooling or heating you require. Whether or not your home requires multiple units will depend on its size and layout.

  • Type of building: The type of dwelling and complexity of the installation can also be an important factor. In apartments with complex layouts, for example, it can be difficult to install heat pump / air conditioners to heat and cool every part of the building

  • Insulation: Homes with good insulation  may retain warm or cool air better than others. Consider the construction of your home and the insulationyou have installed when choosing a heat pump size.


Other Factors to Consider

  • Windows / Ceiling Heights: A home with large windows and high ceilings may require a larger capacity unit to ensure the right temperature is maintained in the required space. Location of system: Where you install your air conditioner can impact its efficiency. Units placed in direct sunlight, for example, will need to work harder to cool your home, reducing their effectiveness.

  • Closed or open?: The layout of your home can impact its level of air flow, with open plan homes requiring more cooling capacity than homes with closed-off rooms.


Why Choosing a Heat Pump Size That’s Right For Your Home is Important

Selecting the correct home heat pump / air conditioner is important for a number of reasons. An undersized unit will struggle to effectively cool or heat your home to the temperature you desire, increasing your energy bill in the process through prolonged run times. 

Conversely, oversized heat pump / air conditioners represent an inefficient way of heating and cooling your home, using more energy than is necessary to achieve the desired temperature.

How to Find the Right Size Heat Pump / Air Conditioner

To effectively calculate the heat pump size for your house, start by measuring the area of all the rooms you wish to heat or cool. Then, factor in additional considerations such as the ceiling height, level of insulation, window sizes and level of shade. Our Fujitsu Assist Product Selector Tool can be an invaluable resource when matching these measurements to the specifications of our range of heat pump / air conditioners.

Fujitsu Assist Tool

*The Fujitsu Assist tool should be used as a guide only. For the most accurate heat load calculations of your room, you should always consult with a suitably qualified and experienced heat pump / air conditioning installer.

If you require any further assistance, or to receive a professional measure and quote, contact Fujitsu General’s team of experts. Using their technical expertise, they will be able to provide you with a detailed estimate of what your new heat pump / air conditioning system will cost, and which units will best suit your home.

Need More Information? Get in Contact!

Professional advice can be invaluable when choosing a heat pump size for your home. For more help on what size heat pump / air conditioner is best for your home, contact Fujitsu General.  Our team can help you choose between a small heat pump / air conditioner, a multi-room heat pump / air conditioner or a ducted heat pump / air conditioning system for your entire home. Get in touch with us today!




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