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How can I tell if I have a refrigerant leak?

If the heat pump / air conditioner feels like it is lacking in performance compared to the previous operation, this may be an example of potential refrigerant loss.

To confirm if there is a refrigerant leak, the unit should be inspected by a qualified refrigerant and air conditioning technician. Some quick troubleshooting tips before you have the unit looked at by a professional include checking the filters to ensure they aren't blocked, making sure the unit is set to the right mode and set temperature for the system to turn on, and if you have access to the outdoor unit, checking that it is operational.

It is recommended that you contact your installer in the first instance if you believe there is a refrigerant leak to do a full check over the system and installation.

To arrange a service call, you can then contact our Fujitsu General Assist service team on 04 568 8761 or find a recommended Service Agent at Fujitsu Service. If you are exploring an external Service Technician, please ensure they registered and licensed.

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